Located in Brainerd MN, Silent Shout Productions is an end to end solution for digital video/film/photography services.

We tell stories through visual arts.

Jeremy Doyle

Jeremy Doyle


Jeremy is the principal creative behind Silent Shout Productions. Over 20 years in video and television production have taught him what it takes to deliver quality products that resonate with their targeted audiences. His journey into production began with a keen interest in film and television during his high school years and brought him to Bethel College (now University), where he earned a Bachelors’ degree in Media Communication.  He has filled many roles in his professional career including: director of photography, scriptwriter, editor, motion graphics artist, director and producer. He has a thirst that is only quenched in creative expression and has a passion for technology and learning.


Pete Palony

Pete Palony


Pete has been shooting photography for over 30 years. Starting out in Minneapolis shooting for companies like: Land O’Lakes, General Mills and 3M. In the early 1990’s he moved his family to the Brainerd Lakes area to leave the rat race behind. He landed at Nelson Graphic Design as their lead photographer, producing work for: Crestliner, Pure Fishing, Streans, In-Fisherman, Mad Dog and Fly Tech, to name a few. In the early 2000’s Pete was back to freelance mode and added video to his list of services. Producing commercial work and hunting and fishing shows from South America to Alaska, and places in between he didn’t know existed. Working with A-listers, comedians, musicians and Super Bowl Champions, Pete has seen a lot. He also knows there is much more to see and do, so give him a call and put his experience to work.



Turning ideas into scripts is an art form. Words formed bring meaning to thoughts. Actions detailed bring imagination to life. Your message is tailored to resonate with target audiences.


A gentle push.  A slow dolly.  The perfect rim light.  A whip pan here.  A smash zoom there.  A hard key.  A boom just out of frame.  A lav cord run invisibly. Our production team is fluent in technique and technology to capture and create emotion.


Our editors are master storytellers.  The perfect cut.  A well placed transition.  A subtle effect. They craft magnificent tales.  They entice calls of action. They educate. They entertain. Your material is transformed from raw footage into a polished product.


Different angles.  Sweeping camera moves. Unmanned aircraft systems are changing the way we are able to capture images. New technology also brings new laws.  We have multiple FAA certified UAS operators so you can be confident we know what we are doing.


Freezing time.  Encapsulating a moment.  Capturing emotion. Sometimes your story doesn’t need 24 moving images a second.  Sometimes it only needs one.  Our team can tell that story too.


It’s showtime! From the cinema’s big screen to the phone in your pocket, there’s so many options for getting your story out.

  • Watch it on the web. (Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.)
  • Watch it on the go. (Phone, Laptop, Tablet, etc.)
  • Watch it at home. (Broadcast Television, DVD, Blu-Ray)
  • Watch it on the big screen. (DCP)

You want it to look it’s best at every interaction and we deliver.


On TV. The internet. Store end caps. Our phones. Its prevalence begs the question, how are you using visual arts? To capture memories? To promote your business? Are you even using it?

If you don’t have the answers, or need help harnessing the power of photos and video, call us. Here at Silent Shout Productions, we funnel the power of visual arts into stories everyday.

A sampling of clients and titles we have worked with